What to Expect During the Laser Hair Removal Process

Unwanted body hair can be a major source of embarrassment for adults of all ages. Both men and women can have unwanted hair that leaves them feeling insecure and not able to put their best foot forward. While the only option in the past was to have the hair shaved or painfully waxed away, the hair removal process has been made easier than ever with Laser hair removal techniques. In just a few appointments, a trained technician can have anyone free of unsightly hair, and ready to put their best foot forward. Before a patient goes in for hair removal, they should understand what the process will entail. This will ensure the best result and no surprises during the procedures.

Initial Consultation

During the first step, a medical professional will conduct an initial examination to ensure that the skin is healthy enough to undergo Laser hair removal. They will also examine the integrity of the hair which will help determine the best type of treatment plan. This may include taking pictures of the area, and conducting tests on existing hair follicles.


Treatment Plan

Once they have an idea of what the treatment area looks like, they will then develop a treatment plan. While laser hair removal is effective, most patients undergo as many as eight treatments before getting the hair removal results that they expect. The health-care professional will lay out a plan that will lead to the best possible and longest lasting result.

Laser Treatments

Once the patient agrees to the treatment plan, they will then begin their laser treatments. The technician will remove the hair from the area using a razor and then apply a gel-like substance to the skin. They will then run a laser device over the area, targeting the hair follicles. As the laser is beamed into the hair follicle, it will kill it at the root and prevent it from regrowing in the future.

Follow-Up Care

Once the laser treatments are complete, it is suggested to return to the clinic once a year to ensure that new regrowth doesn’t occur and that any issues to the skin quality can be addressed. Most patients find that a cooling gel applied every day for the first 2-3 weeks can help prevent any discomfort and long-term side effects from the laser hair removal process.

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